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Cloud of Things For Systems Integrators

Systems integrators are partnering with Cloud of Things to win new business as well as to extend their value to their existing clients. Cloud of Things DeviceTone™ and CloudSwitch™ solutions, our use of open standards, our flexible architecture and device-agnostic approach adds up to the kind of flexibility systems integrators require in order to bring choices to their customers.

With Cloud of Things as the underlying technology, systems integrators are able to create and brand their own IoT solutions for smart product companies, giving their customers the ability to connect any device to any cloud over any network protocol.

With Cloud of Things as a business partner, systems integrators can focus on building the best business solution for their customers without having to invest in R&D, expensive experts and highly specialized firmware developers who are difficult to find. We reduce risk because our software and solutions are proven – tested, hardened, secure and scalable.

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Shorten your sales cycle, increase your win ratio, and launch projects easily and quickly.


Monitor and control data without hiring firmware engineers or using development resources.


Build your applications on an infrastructure supporting dozens or hundreds of IoT apps.